As the Presidents for YMGE 2016 we are very excited to welcome you to a truly amazing conference. This year, our goal is to build on the tradition of conference and organizational excellence that has characterized YMGE since its conception. We all hope to bring our debate and MUN experience, our passion for working with students, and our passion for education to build the best YMGE yet.

In the past five years, YMGE has worked with delegates from every corner of the world. We started in Prague in 2011 in partnership with the Yale International Relations Organization. In 2013, the conference moved to Budapest, where it will be held this year. As we've grown and developed, we've maintained and improved upon the unique crisis structure and exemplary delegate experience that has characterized the conference from the beginning.

YMGE is different. Delegates will navigate an integrated crisis, spanning across all committees at the conference, that will force them to think on their feet and come up with solutions to new challenges in real time. We've updated what it means to be a model government conference, providing an experience that more closely resembles how real governments function and operate. We also offer a more traditional debate experience in our four large committees, which give a more general perspective on different topics in European politics. In addition to the committee experience, YMGE offers delegates ways to interact with the city of Budapest and Hungarian culture. We are excited to offer more options to explore the beautiful city of Budapest to all those involved in our conference!

YMGE is an unparalleled educational experience. Delegates will be asked to work hard and challenge both themselves and their perspectives on European politics. The conference will be held this November 24th – 27th at the Corinthia Hotel. More information about the conference logistics and committees can be found throughout the website, which will be continually updated over the next year. 

We hope to see you in Budapest!


Mike Yoon and Alexandra Small 

YMGE Presidents 2016